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Parents & Players

Our Match Play Team format offers boys and girls ages 8 to 18 the opportunity to compete at local, regional and national championship level. The USGLL bridges the gap between the world of golf and kids who may not be able to afford to play. The program is open for all youths. Subsidies are available for those who qualify for economically disadvantaged support.

We help communities create a safe, healthy environment for an organized team sport where kids can learn and interact socially. These are relationships that will grow into bonds that will be sustained throughout their lives.

Through involvement in our solid golf instruction program, players will increase their skills and abilities. Under the supervision of a coach, they get to play and practice together, learning the rules and etiquette of the game as well as the principles of teamwork. Each player has equal importance in his or her contribution to the success of the team. There is no bench for our players to ride.

Our team approach to golf has additional benefits. The USGLL encourages beneficial social skills in team competition and dealing with teammates, coaches, players and league staff. Integrity and mutual respect are inherent parts of the game of golf. Our players are also healthier because they spend less time in-doors in front of the television or computer.

Most importantly, the kids have fun!

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